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Marquage Bicycode sur tricycle Evasion

The BICYCODE® is THE ONLY SYSTEM recognized by the State in the fight against the theft and handling of bicycles. It is recommended by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Interior.
Our company is licensed as an authorized operator and we are therefore able to engrave our tricycles ourselves before shipment to their owner.

The purpose of this system, in case of theft, is to help the police/gendarmerie, recover and return a stolen tricycle to its rightful owner and, in doing so, fight against the possession and handling of stolen goods.

Our Evasion tricycle is engraved with a unique serial number in accordance with the BICYCODE® anti-theft system. 

Step # 1: Engraving of the unique Bicycode number on the frame of our Evasion tricycle

We have a programmable engraving machine that allows us to engrave our tricycles with efficiency and speed. We set the unique number provided by BICYCODE® in the machine and engrave it on the frame. This unique number also serves as a serial number for tracking our production.

Step # 2: Entering the Number on the Tricycle Tracking Sheet

Each tricycle we produce has its own tracking sheet, much like a birth record. On it, you will find the serial number BICYCODE, the color, the type of tricycle, the options and accessories installed, the name of the technician who made the assembly, the day of the first test in real conditions, the day of shipping, ... We keep all these details on this internal sheet for us to go back to and check the origin of the tricycle if need be.

Step # 3: Setting up the BICYCODE® Passport

We set up a BICYCODE® passport (equivalent of a vehicle registration card) on which are indicated the serial number, the tricycle model, the color and a password allowing the future owner to register in the national file BICYCODE®. This passport is sent along with the tricycle and with all related documentation.

Step # 4: Registration in the national file

It is up to the owner to complete this last step. Registration is not essential but necessary in case of theft. We strongly advise you to complete this registration upon receiving your tricycle so as not to forget. This registration will allow you to share your contact details with the national file, accessible ONLY to the police who will be able to get in touch with you if need be. In the future, you will be able to modify your contact details (change of address, email address, phone number), file a report in case your tricycle gets stolen (this will facilitate the work of the police), indicate that you have given your tricycle to a new owner (who may in turn share his own contact info)...

For more information, here is the link of the official website: www.bicycode.org