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>> Warranty terms for all tricycles in general

The warranty of a tricycle can be organized according to the following sub-categories:

  • the frame
  • the mechanical part (derailleur, brake, steering, ...)
  • the electrical part (screen, electronic controller, wiring, ...)
  • battery
  • engine

The warranty periods for these elements differ according to the brand, to get precise information on the warranty of a tricycle, it is necessary to inquire in advance on what is and what is not under warranty, on the durations of said warranties, but also on warranty terms and conditions such as the reimbursement of labor costs, the diagnostic procedure, the shipping of spare parts, ... many criteria that are important to keep in mind when comparing the warranty terms offered by the different brands.


>> Our After Sales Service

If you are experiencing a technical issue with your Evasion tricycle, we will make a remote diagnosis of the problem/breakdown you encounter by asking you different questions. The electric assist system on our Evasion tricycles is, among other things, able to detect a failure, identify it and provide an error code displayed directly on the screen. Thanks to this error code we can pinpoint where the problem lies exactly and find the solution on the spot! Each and every component of our tricycles has been designed to be very reliable and easily replaced by the user himself. We send you the replacement part (s) with the necessary instructions for substituting the defective parts with the new ones yourself, or with the help of a relative, the operation requiring no more than some basic knowledge.

If you are unable to repair your tricycle yourself or depending on the issue, we can either direct you to the cycle shop closest to you which will be able to take care of the repairs or even require the services of a home repairman if there is one in your area. In such a case, we take care of all the procedures with this repairer by providing him with the necessary spare parts and instructions so that he may proceed conduct repairs as efficiently as possible.

We take care of these steps during the warranty period but also after! The only difference is that we will handle the costs of spare parts and labor during the warranty period and for a failure falling within the terms of warranty whereas you will be responsible for any cost beyond the warranty period or if the failure is not included in the guarantee.


>> Warranty terms for our Evasion tricycle

From the establishment of our set of high-quality criteria to the birth of the project "Tricycle Evasion", one of our main focuses has been ease of maintenance and repair, in addition to perfect reliability. We have therefore kept this essential factor in mind all along the designing process of our tricycle.

First of all, all spare parts have been rigorously selected from amongst some of the biggest brands. Furthermore, each part designed and produced by us has been thought of in dimensions so as to make them as solid and durable as possible. Finally, the main components of our Tricycle Evasion are easily replaceable by the user himself, with only the help of a screwdriver in most cases!

So, if ever a problem were to arise, do not worry, we will do the necessary to diagnose the failure and provide you with the part to replace, along with all necessary explanations. And if need be, we will call a technician to carry out the repairs.

For all our products, the warranty periods under normal conditions of use are as follows:

Lifetime warranty on frames
A 2-year warranty on motors, batteries and other components

No warranty on wear parts: brake pads and disc, chain, tires, inner tubes, handlebar grips, cables and sheaths